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HD Minecraft Skins

: Myth? Legend? Or Reality?

Minecraft Skindex knows that a couple hundred pictures of character expression can be a bit limiting for some people, even if there may be those out there who claim it’s in ‘the spirit of the game’. So we went on a quest, nay, a holy crusade!- to answer this question once and for all. But, who knows what mods or updates may bring your beloved Minecraft in the future?

As a simple google search will show you, there are definitely some high definition skin and texture packs available to the player seeking them. However, as with anything worthwhile, it comes at a price. What does it take to get one up and running?

You need to find a texture pack that you like. Dig one out of the google machine and see what appeals to you. Most of these will have their own set of instructions particular to that specific mod, so pay close attention to avoid any mistakes that could cause hiccups in your game playing.

Though it might not be too hard to get one of these texture packs downloaded and installed, bear in mind this is not going to take Minecraft from Lego Land to Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. Sure, your graphics will get a tremendous boost of detail, but that detail is still contained within the six walls of a cube; no changing that. If you’re ok with that, you may also find that the game is now running slower, as you likely have “squared” (har har!) the amount of memory used for graphics.

The real deal breaker for most, is that if they wished to design a high definition skin to include in this HD modded world, it will not even truly be seen by the player even, let alone other players, and here’s why.

First, as for you as the player, you have a 1st person view. You’re never going to see all the details put into your skin design (which is NOT the walk in the park that it is for the regular skin pixel count). As for other players, well, they won’t see it either. Why wouldn’t they? Because your high def skin isn’t going to work unless it’s on a high def server, and not any high def server, one that uses your exact same texture pack. Even if such a server exists, it is still unclear whether it would work and be seen by other players or not.

So I hate to break it to you, but for now, the only ones who will enjoy your HD skin (if you can even make a compatible one and implement it in your single player games) is the mobs you kill, who likely won’t appreciate it anyway because

A) You’re killing them, so even if they noticed how nice you look, they are too upset with you to care.
B) Even if they did care, they will be dead soon from you hitting them with your weapon.
C) They are only programming script.

Too many cons and not enough pros, if you ask Minecraft Skindex. But feel free to hop on some Minecraft forums and get active; there is a group really pushing for HD compatibility for the game, and the game creator is down-to-earth enough that maybe, he just might throw them a bone so that HD servers can be easily set up. For now, however, enjoy getting stepped on by Q*bert.

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