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Answers: To Hat, or not to Hat?

Many people are not aware of, like most things invisible, the option to create a ‘hat’ for themselves in the game. So if you weren’t aware you could make a hat before, now you are. Most of the Minecraft skin editors will show you this option as you are designing. As much as you may want to get to making your perfect set of headgear, you might want to slow down and think about how to make one that looks appealing rather than simply being a giant bucket on your already massive block-head. Or, whether or not your character would look right with a hat at all?

The hat pixels are transparent right off the showroom floor, and can cover the entire head of the character if you so choose, even underneath. But if you like the way you designed your character’s face and head, the more hat you do, the less of your character’s head players will see. Or, you could actually make the ‘hat’ your new ‘head’, and have a huge cubic cranium!

If you think of the hat as the seasoning and your character’s head as the main course, you won’t go wrong with your designing. You also won’t be far off from the way wolves view you in the game. Here’s a few design ideas, as seen on many of the player skins roaming the servers.

Animal skin hats, bandanas, baseball caps, beanies, berets, comb-overs, construction hats, cowls, feathers, fedoras, glasses, goggles, headbands, helmets, hoods… masks… okay I got through H for you without even breaking a sweat, all in alphabetical order even! You’ve got to contribute too you know. But seriously, I hope this gave you some good ideas you can implement for your current character skin, or maybe even inspired a new skin design altogether!

Keep in mind though that as you design, the hat pixels are strictly 2D, so if they are not connected at the corners around your character’s, they literally have no ‘thickness’, so will not even be visible at certain angles unless enough pixels are colored in to go all the way around the head and make it ’3D’. Not that this is a bad thing, mind you; sometimes it gives it a very desirable subtlety.

This is Minecraft Skindex, letting you know that hats make you fancy! Hats make you an individual! Hats make people like you! So go make a pretty one and wear it as you punch trees.

Oh and I almost forgot… turbins. Ooo and visors!

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