Minecraft Skin Editors Reviews

Minecraft Skin Editors Reviews

People often ask which skin editor is “best”, and Minecraft Skindex will do its best to answer. No software downloads necessary for any of these; like the game itself, it’s all browser based. You could have a three year old using any one of these in no time. Here’s a few of the more popular ones that we will discuss.

Miners Need Cool Shoes


There’s no downloading of any software, you just go to the link and get started. Once you have it just how you want it, you click “download” to get your new skin saved on your computer. One feature I do like about this one is it has a subtle amount of ‘noise’ (slight shade variation amongst the pixels) built right into it, making an otherwise very flat, blocky, bland image come to life a bit more. That’s just as much of a drawback; you lose a bit of the control when choosing your coloring, and when you have so few pixels to draw on anyway, it could end up being a bit of an irritant if you’re a meticulous artist. But for whipping out a quick skin, it’s about as good as it gets.

Some aspects of this editor leave you with the feeling of paint brush control of Leonardo DaVinci, while other aspects of it feel like you’re trying to tame a wild bronco. So basically using this editor feels like Rembrandt doing one of his famous masterpieces while participating in a rodeo.
Skin Creator from Skincache.com


It has really useful features like unchecking certain body parts so you can focus on one at a time (helps for detail work), zoom for more visibility and control, my favorite, being able to paint in 3d so you can just rotate your character any which way, and even some basic shapes, lines and shading! You can also set several ‘pencil’ colors which each have their own blended color palette. My only real beef with this little editor is that the shapes and line tools leave you with very little color control; they all have built in shading and color blending, and for so few pixels, it tends to make a mess of things in a hurry.

Honestly if you use the shapes and line tools sparingly, this is a fantastic skin editor for your masterpiece.



I gotta admit, above all else, by far my favorite interface is held in Skincraft. It’s very simple and straight forward, and their ‘mastcot’ really just brings it all together. You can choose to edit just one body piece at a time. It’s automatically nice and zoomed in, so accidentally clicking the wrong pixel is a rare event, so erasing is at a minimum. One of my only complaints is that the preview 3D image of your character is quite small compared to the others, but it’s really not that big of a deal. All in all, this editor is done with some class.

There’s others out there that may be worth a gander, but these seem to be the most popular, and there’s a reason. These three have all been tested and are Minecraft Skindex approved. Now go get editing!

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