Ideas for Minecraft Skins

Ideas for Minecraft Skins

At Minecraft Skindex, we recognize that some people enjoy making skins even more than they enjoy playing the game itself! If you are one of those people spending hours letting your imagination run wild and making your own library of skins, the think tank might get a little low on fuel sometimes. So here’s some ideas to get the spark plugs firing again to hopefully get you moving in the right direction.

Everyone’s favorites seem to be: celebrities, game characters, cartoon characters, movie characters, and of course, super heroes. There are mountains of virtual 1′s and 0′s out there of people who have made skins for these popular figures and left them to rot in large Minecraft Skindex like archives across the net. How can you make yours stand out, even if just for a day? How can you be different and unique in a virtual world of literally millions of players?

Well it can be tough, but here’s some suggestions:

Try to keep up on your news and pop culture! Find out what’s big, and model something after it. Find out what celebrities are in trouble for what, and try to theme your character after it. Charlie Sheen, Brittany Spears, Lindsey Lohan, all the trainwrecks, love them or hate them. You might not get much attention in-game, but you will definitely create a few smiles that day on Minecraft.

Go for the less sought after characters; Minecraft is an ‘indie’ game, so the players will appreciate an obscure reference more than the average bear would (speaking of which, Yogi Bear was built pretty blocky in the cartoons…). Start thinking about some smaller side characters in the popular entertainment, or popular characters in not-so-popular entertainment.

How about some animal men? Some moo-cow men, pig-men, Man-Bear-Pig, Mr. Snuffleupagus, Big Bird, but I’d stay away from stuff like Teletubbies on a Survival server; I think even the mobs will have a higher likelihood to attack you first out of the crowd.

You can model skins based on occupational uniforms instead of characters; chefs, football players, construction workers, oh why not just throw together the Village People while we’re at it? Throw in an Indian, a police officer, a cowboy and a leather clad motorcyclist while you’re at it! I’m sure many a player would have bladder malfunction seeing you and your posse cruising around Minecraft like that. You could alwasy do KISS instead; at least people would take you more seriously. Well, a little more seriously.

Well, Minecraft Skindex has delivered what ideas it could, and any more paragraphs is likely to result in an attention span dropoff of readers by approximately 86% statistically, so we will move on to other subjects in our other articles. So log onto Minecraft and build a YMCA, now!

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