How to Edit Minecraft Skins

How to Edit Minecraft Skins

Welcome to Minecraft Skindex! There are tons of articles out there on editing your character, but most of them seem to be endorsing a product, and rush you straight towards plugging their product into you, much like a teenager on a cheap first date. Though most of these editors work at least okay, it’s always good to start at the roots, so I’m going to show you how to manually edit your Minecraft character’s skin with MS Paint, pretty much the standard bare bones art software for Windows.

First, you need to get your original skin to start with. Go to your Minecraft folder, located in %appdata%/roaming/minecraft/bin/.minecraft. You will need Winzip or Winrar or 7zip or some kind of file decompression software like that. All you need to do is right click the .minecraft file and go to ‘open with’ and select whichever of those you have. Now open the “mob” file, and one of the first images you will see is your guy’s skin, labeled “char”. You can right click him and select “extract to”, and take him wherever is convenient for you. You just need to remember where he is so that you can find him for the next step.

You can go right to your char file and right click, select “open with” then MS Paint, or whatever software you have or prefer to use to edit him. But please note that MS Paint, even when fully zoomed, he will still be pretty tiny since the image is so few pixels. If you can’t make heads or tails of the mess, here’s a chart you can refer to:

So that should help. Do note that the “Head Accessory” part is completely optional; if you change nothing about it, it just stays transparent so you don’t need to worry about it. So if you want, you can change it up, pixel by pixel, and get your character exactly how you want it. Save him with the original name (char), otherwise Minecraft might not recognize him if his travel passport doesn’t match his name on his driver’s license (seriously though, make sure you name the new skin char!). Now, how do you get this guy looking new and spiffy in-game?

Just put the guy back in his home! Go back through %appdata%/roaming/bin/.minecraft, open it back up with Winzip/Winrar/7zip, open the “mob” folder, and drop him back in there. When prompted whether or not you want to replace, click yes if you’re confident (you might want a backup of your original character skin just in case he doesn’t like what you did to him…), and start your game!

Now as easy as that sounds, the more irritating part of it all is working with that little image in MS Paint. The next article will review some of the Minecraft skin editors out there and their features, so you can choose whichever sounds good to you and start creating new skins like the pros do. So read these Minecraft Skindex articles if you want your character to become the envy of cubic pixel land!

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